Do shampoo and conditioner bottles, soaps, and shaving materials accidentally fall into your bathtub when you are showering? An influx of personal grooming products that are stored along the tub's edge can be annoying to contend with. One way to streamline your organization needs is by having a shower niche installed in one of the existing tiled walls. There are two niche types to choose from and they each have a distinct look.

A Tiled Niche

A tiled niche consists of a framed box that is installed between two wall studs. The construction of this type of niche requires a wall to be cut and excess tiling to be removed. The sides and back of this type of recessed storage area can contain ceramic or porcelain tiles that are the same style and color as the ones that comprise the shower walls.

For a complementary look that contains different colors and a different pattern, smaller tiles can be used to create a uniform or mosaic-styled surface. A tiled niche may contain one flat shelving section or multiple ones, which can each be used to store bathing products and accessories. 

A Finished Niche

A finished niche is prefabricated and consists of a metal, plastic, or foamboard frame that contains a bondable surface. Unlike a tiled niche, which can be custom-sized, a finished niche is available in only a few standard sizes. The tiling is secured to a frame while the product is being manufactured.

Some prefab niches contain a smooth backdrop and sides, instead of tiled ones. Glass or plastic panels are often used as shelves. A finished niche needs to be recessed into a wall, either by securing a membrane flange to the framing or by mounting a retrofitted niche into a hole that has been made in a shower wall. 

Waterproofing and Extra Features

Each niche type will be waterproof, keeping your products dry and stable in between uses. If you need an extra large storage space and have opted to have a custom tiled niche installed, your contractor will inform you about some of the features that you can add to the upgrade. Instead of a square-shaped niche, choose a rectangular one that is rather long.

This will provide ample room for many shelves. Another option is to have clear panels secured to the front of the niche. The panels can be opened and closed, just like a cabinet door. Waterproof lighting will highlight the products that are stored in the recessed area, making it easier for you to locate a specific shampoo or soap type that you would like to use.