So, you have a large residential property or maybe even a farm? There is a lot you can do with all of that extra land. One thing you might consider is dropping a large steel building on your property. Here are five things you can do with that large steel building.

1.  Garage/Farm Shed

Large steel buildings make excellent garages. Store all of your cars and motorcycles in the building, and/or store any farm equipment you own as well. One of these large buildings can hold several cars, a couple of motorcycles, and a combine if you want. If you are only going to store agricultural equipment, most, if not all, of your farm machines and accessories should fit comfortably inside. 

2.  Workshop

Who does not want a workshop of their own? It is a quiet place to which you can retreat, build things, craft things, and create things. You can also just use this building and space for relaxing and getting away from the hub-bub going on inside your house. When you cannot escape home entirely, and you cannot afford a vacation, a steel building on your property will make it seem as though you are thousands of miles away.

3.  Barn/Riding Arena

If you install some stalls or a central yoking station, you can keep horses or cattle in this building. The stalls are for horses, and the central yoking station keeps your cows all lined up and in place. You can also skip those extra structures and just throw a lot of sand down to create a riding arena. That works just as well if you house animals on your property in another building. 

4.  Small Biplane Hangar 

If you have a small biplane pilot's license and a biplane, maybe you want to store your little two-man craft closer to home than the nearest airport. You can do that in one of these large steel structures on your property. The only thing that would really change is how you file a flight report and get permission from air traffic control towers to fly your plane when you want to go somewhere. 

5.  Grow Plants Indoors All Year

Growing plants, either for food or for other uses, requires heat and sun lights. Heat and light are most easily controlled when they are in a fixed covered space. In a steel building, that is even easier to do because you can hang the sun lamps from the ceiling and the steel will contain all of the heat your heaters generate. For more information, contact a business such as