Trees, just like all other plants and flowers that are a part of your landscaping design, require constant maintenance and care. Trimming back branches is an essential part of keeping your trees both attractive looking and healthy. Understanding three of the most significant benefits associated with having your trees pruned by a professional tree care service can make it clear to you why you should schedule regular tree trimming as part of your landscaping maintenance.

Improved Curb Appeal

The largest and most evident benefit associated with pruning your trees back regularly each season is that doing so will maintain a clean and neat aesthetic for the exterior of your home. This is extremely important if you are renting or considering selling your home. A well-kept landscape can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home, especially if your trees are directly in the way of your property. Further, cutting back trees that block windows can increase the amount of natural light that is able to enter your home, thus having a direct impact on your interior design as well.

Safety Considerations

Another, more practical reason to have y our trees trimmed on a regular schedule is because of the safety implications that large and unmaintained trees can have for your home. Heavy branches can do quite a bit of damage if they are torn off in a storm and crash onto your roof or into your siding, which can represent hefty repair bills – and the risk of bodily injury. Beyond the safety considerations of trees that overhang your roof, trimming them back can also reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance that you will have to do to keep your roof and gutters in good condition, saving you time spent climbing ladders and on top of your roof.

Disease and Pest Control

Another benefit associated with regularly having your trees pruned and trimmed back is the reduced risk of a disease or pests being able to jump from tree to tree. If branches are able to rub up against one another, it becomes very easy for a fungus or a small population of insects to move from one infected tree to the rest of your yard. Further, regular pruning by a professional arborist means that your trees will also be regularly inspected, so potential pest damage and diseases will be spot earlier. This means that you may be able to save an affected tree by removing the diseased or infested limbs, instead of having to chop down the entire tree.

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