Many businesses will have large delivery trucks entering and leaving throughout the day. Have a covered area for these trucks to be loaded and unloaded can help your employees to be more productive, comfortable and safe. Yet, having this type of area will also require the installation of commercial quality garage doors.

Will Having A Commercial Garage Door Result In Major Disruptions For Your Enterprise?

Making the addition of garage doors to your business's building is a major change, but it is a change that can be done fairly quickly. The installation of a manual garage door system may only take a day to complete. However, if you are wanting an automatic opener for the door, you might need to add more time so that as openers are complicated devices that are comprised of many different components.

What Can You Do If The Garage Door Opener Suffers A Malfunction?

Garage door openers can fail, and you might be worried that this would make it impossible for commercial garage doors to be used. While these doors will be larger and heavier than residential garage doors, they will still be able to be used manually. If you are to have the employees manually lift and lower these doors, ensure that they have back supports and use the proper technique to avoid suffering injuries.

Can These Doors Be Connected To Your Business's Security System?

Many businesses will need to have comprehensive security systems in place to avoid theft and other crime. Owners of these businesses may be concerned that the door will be a security risk. However, there are many options for securing these doors. For example, there are locking systems that can be attached to these doors. Furthermore, commercial garage doors can be connected to the business's security system so that the alarm and monitoring service will be alerted if the door is opened when the alarm system is active.

Will These Doors Be Loud Enough To Be Heard Throughout The Building?

It is common to assume that commercial garage doors will be loud enough to be heard throughout the building. Not surprisingly, loud noises can be disruptive to your workers and customers. However, there are noise-reducing options that can make these doors quiet enough so that only those in the immediate vicinity will be able to hear them. For example, there are sound absorbing casings, or you can use additional insulation can be used to reduce the sound from the system. An experienced garage door installation provider, such as from Shank Door, may be able to identify further steps to reduce the sound from these doors.