When powerful winds from storms rip away at your gutters and you are left with gutters that cannot take the excess water away from the roof, you will need some gutter repair work completed. Since the folks that fix gutters charge hourly for labor, you might be reluctant to fix your gutters. However, the job has to be done because your gutters save your roof from water damage. There are ways to prepare your gutters so that the repair person can finish the job faster, easier, and cheaper.


Climb up to your gutters, if you can, and clean them out. Blockages in the gutters are something that must be cleared before the repair person can see how best to repair the gutters. Clean out the gutters completely, especially around and near the areas where the gutters need obvious repair. Then the repair person does not have to do this, and the work is completed faster.


If a section of the gutter is hanging by a nail, and the gutter is not seamless and not attached to another section of gutter at a corner, just take a picture of the situation and pull that section of gutter down. The repair person would remove that last nail and the section of gutter anyway. You are just making this part of the job a little easier for him/her because then he/she does not have to remove that piece of gutter. Instead, he/she can just cut a new piece of gutter and install it right away.


When you do the above preparations, you are cutting back on the labor needed to complete these tasks. Less labor for the repair person means less time spent on the job. Less time spent on the job means fewer labor costs. Fewer labor costs mean the whole repair job costs less overall. Pretty simple, right?


Of course, you have already done a lot of the prep work for DIY gutters. You could take it a step further and buy sections of gutter you can use to replace the damaged sections on your house. The only two things you would have to pay a repair person for are hanging the gutter pieces and making sure they meet building codes after installation. That task goes rather quickly, especially since hanging gutter sections only requires about thirty minutes to an hour, give or take fifteen minutes and depending upon the amount of damage.

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