A frameless shower door can make your bathroom very attractive, and when you add to this the endless possibilities of custom designs, they make an excellent component to a remodeled bathroom for your home. However, if you attempt to install a frameless shower enclosure yourself, you are likely to experience problems with your door. The following are several things that can go wrong.

Less chance of experiencing problems with the hardware

Because this type of door is heavier than those with frames, special care must be given so that the hardware is attached firmly to the wall. If this is not done correctly, the door can become unbalanced over time. With large doors, you may need to install a support bar, but finding a beam on the shower wall for proper attachment can be tricky. You don't want to drill into a water pipe. Also, the hinges will need proper adjustment, so the door does not swing out too far and risk the possibility of damage from something nearby in your bathroom.

Improper installation can create a leak

You wouldn't think that a frameless door could have any leaks, but with poor installation, it is possible. Some of the problem may be due to bad measurements during installation, but just as often it can be due to improper application of the silicone sealant. Although there is less needed than with a traditional shower door, it must be applied properly. Many frameless shower doors use a small u-channel at the base that must be installed precisely, or leakage problems can occur. Most frameless doors have a gasket that must be installed as well. Naturally, if this is not done properly, there can be leakage.

The glass door can be damaged

If you have never installed a frameless shower door before, the first thing that may surprise you is how heavy they are. This especially true if you have had experience with traditional shower doors. The difference in weight makes it a two man job, at least for the lifting of the shower door. If you attempt to do this yourself, you can easily damage the new glass door.

Even with instructions that are specific to a particular brand of frameless shower door, there are simply too many things that can go wrong. This type of work may seem easy, but the skill involved is subtle, and you must take the time do a quality job in order to prevent problems after installation. For a do-it-yourself homeowner, there is a good chance you will make a mistake. So take the time to get an estimate from a professional installer and have it done right the first time.

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