When designing your plumbing in a new home or a home addition, there are a couple of key factors to discuss with your contractors. 

Water Pressure

The first thing you may want to speak with a contractor about is how to maintain water pressure within your design. There are some elements that will be out of your control, such as the number of other apartments or homes attached to your water main. But within your home, a good plumbing pipe layout will help to ensure that water pressure is distributed equally throughout your home. In addition, good plumbing upkeep will be needed to maintain water pressure. 

Water Treatment

Water treatment might need to be done for several reasons. The first one is if there are any pathogens that need to be killed in the water. If you have gotten your water from a personal source, such as a well, there is a higher likelihood that it is contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Municipal water sources may occasionally have this problem, although there are tight standards to regulate water quality; often, the problem originates somewhere between your home and the water source. In any case, have your water treatment specialist do some testing to see if pathogens are an issue. 

Even if they aren't, a good water treatment plan can also lead to greater drinkability. Small sediments in the water are unpleasant to the taste, and they can also make water appear fizzy or off-white. These can easily be removed with water treatment. So can the minerals that lead to a heavy metallic taste. Check out a site like http://www.waterman911.com for more information.


How will water be heated in various parts of your home? It may be a water heater that heats all of your water. Or, you may have specific appliances (such as water dispensers) that heat your water for personal consumption. Note that heating the water may change its taste and appearance, so do speak with a water treatment contractor if you think you will have any issues with the pleasantness of water. 


The fixtures you choose actually have a noticeable effect on your plumbing in several ways. For one, fixtures that use a lot of water could overtax your plumbing pipes if you don't have enough infrastructure. They can also divert water away from other fixtures and run up your electric bill. Things like shower heads, toilets and faucets should all be audited for their water usage properties.