When some people think about hiring a landscaping service to redo their backyard, they think about elaborate designs with a hefty price tag. While it's true that your local landscaping professional can achieve whatever you can dream up, he or she can also implement ideas that are simpler and easier on your wallet. If you're planning a backyard makeover, it doesn't have to be over the top. Instead, it can be simple and elegant, which will help you enjoy spending more time in the space. And, when you host gatherings, you'll be able to show off the new look. Here are some ideas for a simple backyard redesign.

Yard Leveling And Sod Application

Your lawn is arguably the biggest focal point in your yard. However, for many people, the lawn can be an eyesore due to an uneven surface, bare spots, and other similar issues. Your landscaping service can correct this by leveling the lawn. This process involves removing high points and filling in low points until the lawn is level. Sparseness in the lawn can be corrected with the application of sod, allowing you to bid farewell to your bare patches and weeds in favor of thick, lush lawn that your entire family and your pets will enjoy.

Patio Redesign

When it comes to reworking your patio, you don't need to get carried away. Instead, a simple patio redesign can add style and elegance to your backyard, while also providing a high degree of functionality. Currently, your patio may be made up of large cement slabs that are a bit of an eyesore and that slope toward your house. Your landscaping crew will remove these, add gravel and stone dust to level out the ground, and then place your desired interlocking stones together to build a patio that is smarter looking and that doesn't hold water against your foundation.

Better Gardens

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the look of a garden that is full of weeds and has an awkward shape. Your landscapers will be able to change the look of any gardens through a series of steps performed outside of the growing season. First, the crew will dig down below the garden and apply one or more layers of landscaping cloth to inhibit the growth of weeds. Then, the crew will add enough earth to give the gardens a visually appealing domed look. Finally, stones or even a small wooden divider can be placed along the edge of the garden to give it a firm separation from the lawn.

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