If you want to start reusing water to help maintain a healthy environment and this is legal where you live, then you may decide to start using a rain barrel. These barrels allow you to collect rainwater so it can be used to water plants and yard. The barrels come in wood, ceramic, plastic, and metal varieties. If you do decide to start using one of the barrels, then consider the following tips to make the most of it.

Install The Barrel Underneath Your Downspout

Rain barrels can add rustic appeal to the exterior of your home, and they can also add beauty when you use the top of the barrel as a planter. However, if you simply place the barrel outside near your garage or shed, then you may collect very little water. Basically, the barrel will only collect the water from the rain that directly falls into it. 

If you want to collect as much water as possible, then install the barrel so it collects water from one of your downspouts. During a typical or heavy rainstorm, you are likely to fill almost the entirety of a 40 gallon rain barrel. Specifically, you are probably going to collect roughly 37 gallons of water if your roof is about 20 by 30 feet. The bigger the roof, the more water you can collect. 

For the easiest collection possible, purchase and install something called a downspout rain barrel diverter. This device can fit directly on the middle or end section of the downspout. The diverter has a small attachment that connects to the top the rain barrel. Most of the water collected by the downspout will flow through the diverter pipe first. If the bucket fills up, then the rest of the water will move through the end of the downspout and out through the sewage system.

Add A Faucet Opening

While you can add a fairly simple rain barrel to your property that allows you to remove water from the top of the container, this is not likely to be convenient. You also may not use the barrel as much as you may think. To make the most of the water, add a faucet end to the bottom of the barrel. The end is often called a drum faucet and can be twisted into place once a drilled hole is formed in the side of the barrel. To add a useable faucet, make sure it is placed on the bottom fourth of the barrel. 

Along with a faucet, you may want to think about adding a hose to the barrel. A perforated hose can be added to help you automatically water your lawn and flowers. You can either purchase the perforated hose, or you can add the holes to a hose you already own. To purchase a rain barrel, contact a company like Paul Clark Construction.