If you want to install wooden siding on your exterior walls, there are many ways to go about it. Most importantly, wooden siding is sold in a few different styles and sizes, with the most popular options being for panel, shingle, and sheet siding. This article highlights the main differences between these three types of wooden siding. That should help you determine which is best for your home style and project size.

Sheet Siding

Sheet siding is usually the best for larger projects. It is particularly ideal for buildings with large walls that don't have a bunch of windows to cut around. These large sheets, usually larger than a sheet of plywood, allow the installer to cover large areas very quickly. However, if a bunch of cuts need to be made to fit around window and door fixtures, the installation process can be dramatically slowed down. Most sheets have some sort of horizontal paneling design that gives them the look of panel siding.

Panel Siding

Panel siding is a little more popular for homeowners who plan to self install their product. Since it is smaller, it is easier to lift and transport. Most wooden panels will be about the same length as sheet siding, but less than 1' tall. Because of this, wooden siding is sold in packages that are perfect for DIY customers. Since the pieces are smaller, making all the necessary cuts is a little easier. Also, you can plan your installation to minimize the amount of cuts that you will need to make.

Shingle Siding

Shingle wooden siding is also very popular option because it creates a dynamic, tiered look. This look is old-fashioned and traditional, but can also work with modern construction. As you can probably guess, since the shingles are so much smaller than panels or sheets, installation might take a little bit longer. Since the shingles are so small, the labor is a lot less intense. There is less lifting and much less cutting in the end. In the end, you should probably make your decision based on the style that you like the most. You can find most of these styles in the most popular wood species. You can either find them pre-stained or painted, or buy them raw and then apply the final finish yourself.

No matter which product you choose, wooden siding will definitely add a new dynamic and style to your property.