Trying home projects is always an adventure; sometimes you're proud of what you've done when the project is done, and sometimes you realize that something isn't quite right and that repairs need to be done. If you've taken the time to install a pre-hung door on your own and it doesn't look the way you expected it to, here are some possible reasons why.

You Threw Out the Shims

When you prepared to install your new door, it's likely that you took care to measure the opening in the wall several times. Because you felt that your measurements were accurate, you may have put the door into the opening and cannot figure out why there are still little gaps between the new door and the wall. It could be that you needed shims and threw them out accidentally.

What are shims? They are thin wood pieces that are created specifically for this problem and are often included in the materials that come with your new door. You are meant to stick shims into the gaps around the door so that there is a tight, secure fit. If you've misplaced them or tossed them out, you're not alone; many people have no idea that those pieces could be needed. To rectify this issue, you'll need to measure any gaps and have lumber cut to fit in the small spaces.

You Haven't Countersunk Nails

The sign of a professional-level installation is that even the small details are taken care of. Even if you've done everything else right, if you look at your door and it doesn't seem right, it could be because the nails are visible and sticking out all over the place. That may frustrate you, as you can't understand why they look that way; after all, you screwed them in. The trouble could be that you ignored the countersinking process.

This process requires a nail set, a tool that opens the nail hole just slightly enough that the nail sinks into the wood when completely screwed in. The head of the nail will seem slightly sunken into the wood when you're done; you'll then need to put a bit of putty on top and sand it down. At that point, the nails should not be visible at all and the surface should be smooth. You can then apply a coat of paint and it should look much better.

Investigating the problems your door has can help you to get better at these kinds of projects. If you want your door to be professionally repaired so that you're sure that it's secure, talk with a contractor who can walk you through what went wrong and show you how they'll fix it. For more information, contact local professionals like Crawford Door Sales Of Nevada Ltd.