Having a space outside that is comfortable to enjoy offers a convenient opportunity to entertain visitors and bond with family. Here are a few things you can do to create an awesome outdoor entertainment space for all of your summer events:

Choose a Surface for the Space

The first thing to consider when planning your outdoor entertainment space is the surface you'll use as its foundation. Consider how often you'll use the space, how many people you plan to accommodate at any given time, and the average weather scenarios you tend to experience throughout the year when deciding what to use. Here are some options that may meet your needs and preferences:

  • Fill dirt – good for old-fashioned barbecue settings and games like horseshoes and badminton.
  • Gravel – makes for a sturdy surface that supports furniture well.
  • Stone – A luxurious option that creates an indoor look and feel.
  • Concrete – Smooth, clean, and easy to maintain.

Once you've decided on a surface you'll want to frame the area that will become your outdoor entertainment space using 2" x 4" x 8' pieces of wood, metal bracing, and screws. Once the frame is made, fill the space with your chosen material and let it dry for a couple of days before walking on it or putting any items on it. If you decide on using a material such as stone, fill the frame with gravel and level the area before applying your stone slabs.

Set up a Cooking Station

Sharing a meal with your friends and family is an excellent way to bond with one another, expand each other's palates, and even encourage everyone to learn something new. Start by incorporating a propane barbecue station, a stainless-steel, 4' x 8' table, and an outdoor sink along one edge of your entertainment space's surface.

No outdoor kitchen space is complete without a custom outdoor fire pit as the focus point. Your fire pit will provide heat, light, and the opportunity to roast marshmallows and hot dogs or heat up coffee, tea, and hot chocolate without having to heat up the grill. Schedule a consultation with a company like Alpine Fireplaces at your home once the surface of your space has been put into place to get some ideas about the type of materials you should use to have the fire pit built and to get an accurate for quote for the work that needs to be done.

Incorporate Weather Protection

It's a good idea to think about weather protection so you can make use of your outdoor space, rain or shine. If your outdoor space if near a wall of your home, consider installing an awning along the exterior of the wall that is big enough to cover the cooking and seating areas. If the space is further away from your home, consider using one or more of the following options:

  • A portable canopy – this can be constructed or taken down in a matter of minutes.
  • A gazebo – you can cover the top with tarp or plastic roof pieces to combat extreme weather elements.
  • Shrubs – plant some large shrubs around the entertainment area, trim them into unique shapes and designs, and allow them to protect the space from excessive winds.

Incorporating some weather protection into your outdoor entertainment setup will extend the amount of time you're able to comfortably use it throughout the year and help protect all of the different elements that you incorporate into the space.

Include Plenty of Entertainment

No outdoor entertainment area is complete without plenty of fun things to do. Use a plastic tub with a top that snaps closed as a coffee table for the space and fill it with board games that can be played on the tub's top. Install a basketball hoop on the edge of the space's surface for a little one-on-one action. Keep a portable DVD player handy so you can play movies on lazy summer evenings. The idea is to ensure that there is always something to do no matter what kind of personalities you entertain on any given day or night.

These tips and tricks should help bring your outdoor entertainment area to life and ensure that your visitors and always comfortable and content while spending time with you.