Fiberglass materials are used in all types of industries including building construction, bathroom construction, and for decorative purposes. If you're remodeling an outdoor patio area, then you may want to consider fiberglass for a number of applications. The use of fiberglass has many advantages for an outdoor patio area, all depending on how it is applied. When hiring a fiberglass contractor, you can use their services for four different outdoor patio uses. Each one takes advantage of the material and provides you with ways to enjoy the outdoor space for numerous years to come.

Counter Tops

An outdoor patio is an ideal place for cooking and preparing meals during the nicer months. Along with a grill, you can organize and serve foods on an exterior counter top. A fiberglass counter top provides a smooth surface. It is easy to clean and can be used to hold all types of backyard barbecue foods. When hiring a contractor for a fiberglass counter installation, you can choose from a number of different finishes and color options. The counter top can often be crafted in one piece, giving your outdoor cooking space a uniform look that blends nicely into a grill or other cooking accessories.

Fiberglass Patio Furniture

The strength of fiberglass makes it ideal for outdoor patio furniture. Fiberglass can be constructed into a number of different furniture pieces. Solid pieces like stools or benches can be crafted out of fiberglass. Intricate pieces can also be created. This includes wicker-styled fiberglass chairs and tables. The fiberglass material can withstand heavy rains and humidity. It also does not attract pests like carpenter ants or termites. When using the patio furniture, you can add seat cushions for extra comfort. The outdoor furniture is also ideal for children who want to play and enjoy the patio area. It will not crack or chip as easily as plastic, wood, or wicker patio furniture.


Add shade and protect your patio area from bad weather with the manufacturing and installation of a fiberglass awning. A custom awning can be created to fit your exact patio area. Multiple color finishes can be selected to help match different design elements. A fiberglass awning typically features aluminum posts with the fiberglass material used as the large awning area. Both of these materials are lightweight, making it easy to install. Choosing a thicker fiberglass awning can help eliminate distracting noises from rainfall.

When getting a custom fiberglass awning fabricated, you have two design options to choose from. A flat awning is installed at an angle and curves at the end so that rain and moisture can fall to the ground. A rippled awning can collect rainwater and allow it to fall in more organized streams. This type of design can help improve water fall and lessen the appearance of puddles on your outdoor patio area.

Decking Material

As you consider the whole patio design, fiberglass can be used as a flooring material. The flooring material can be crafted into custom shapes and applied to your whole patio in a patterned design. Fiberglass floor plates are ideal for outdoor areas because they are corrosion resistant. Instead of a smooth surface like the counter tops, the flooring is typically manufactured with a coarse-texture to help add grip and prevent slipping. Some of the more common colors are whites and grays, but you can also select a variety of tan and brown options to help give your patio area a wood-styled look.The decking is typically installed in sections that are placed close together to minimize cracks or gaps in the patio area.

Contact a fiberglass manufacturing company to find out more information on pricing and different ways fiberglass can be infused into an outdoor patio.