As a business owner, ensuring employee safety from any potential threat is important, including from the risk of fire. Even if you think that everyone in your company is thoroughly educated about what to expect in the event of a fire, you should still be proactive about your fire safety program. For example, you should consider implementing a fire drill system so that everyone can practice evacuations and learn the proper response to an emergency like this. Here are some tips to help you implement a fire drill system and ensure the safety of your employees.

Start By Creating A Safety Team

You'll want to have a designated safety team who will not only teach employees general safety, but also ensure that safety procedures are followed. Appoint one person in each department to be part of this team. That individual will be responsible for educating their department about the evacuation routes and emergency response steps. Make sure you choose people with authority and respect in each department so that you can be sure that their recommendations are heeded.

Design Evacuation Routes

Work with your local fire department and your safety team to create solid evacuation routes for each area of the building. Create printed copies of those routes and have them distributed to each employee. That way, your employees know exactly what to expect when you do host the drill. It ensures that everyone knows what path to follow, whether they are at their desks, in a conference room or even in the cafeteria. Identify more than one evacuation route from each area so that employees have an option if the primary path is obstructed, then post the plans throughout the building as well.

Develop Some Emergency Scenarios

Working closely with your local fire department, craft some emergency scenarios that could represent real events that your employees may face. Then, you can plan drills where the fire department can help you stage events like this. That way, your employees will be able to actively practice the evacuation route and learn the responses expected of them.

Working with your local fire department is key in this situation, because they will have to respond when the alarms go off. It's in your best interest that they understand in advance that you're hosting a drill and that it isn't a real emergency. If you have a monitoring service for your fire alarm system, they should be made aware as well.

If you want to make the event as realistic and unpredictable as possible, have employees stand at some of the exit doors, hallway entrances and other areas with signs indicating that there's fire in the area or the pathway is obstructed. This forces employees to think on their feet, much as they would have to do in the face of a real emergency. This will provide you with a clear idea of how your team responds in emergency situations.

Find A Fire Alarm Monitoring Company

Another key feature in keeping your employees safe is retaining the services of a monitoring company that will not only notify you in the event of a fire alarm activation, but will also automatically dispatch emergency services. That way, you don't ever have to worry about making sure that your employees, clients or customers are getting the help they need in the event of an emergency. You'll always have someone watching over your building for any signs of problems. Most services even give you the option for text alerts so that you're informed even when you're traveling or otherwise unreachable.

Building a solid relationship with your local fire department and a quality fire alarm monitoring service can help you to keep your company safe. With the tips presented here, you can build a plan for evacuation, allow your employees to practice and keep an eye on the structure at all times.