People tend to love to have control over their own lawns. Even in areas that receive an ample amount of rainfall and moisture, many people choose to water their lawns at their own leisure. Most irrigation or lawn watering systems are quite resilient. Unfortunately, if not maintained – or simply due to age or a faulty installation or simply a bad manufacturing job – these systems can fail. There are a number of signs to be on the lookout for if your irrigation system is failing or is badly in need of repair. Throughout the course of this article, you will learn of 4 signs that your irrigation system is on the fritz.

Soaked Patches and Parched Spots

It is important that the depth of water saturation remains consistent throughout. It is the key to maintaining a healthy lawn. Unfortunately, when a leak has sprung in your irrigation system, the opposite phenomenon will manifest itself. You'll find that the saturation level will be quite uneven: certain areas will be soaked all the way through while you will find other areas that are dry as a bone. There might be a number of problems that are the cause of this troubling phenomenon. Among the most common are incorrect zone setting and faulty sprinkler settings. Your landscape technician can easily pinpoint the problem.

Dripping Control Valves

A bit of drippage is entirely common when it comes to your control valves. The problem that you need to be on the lookout for is constant drippage. The back end of your irrigation system is largely responsible for making sure that you have a consistent amount of water delivered to each yard zone (and thus, a faulty control valve might be the source of a problem with uneven areas in the yard). Check to see if the area around the control valve is permanently or frequently wet. There is probably an issue associated with debris or clippings getting inside of the control valve and making things a bit difficult for the system to properly distribute water.

Sputtering Sprinkler Heads

If you find that your sprinkler heads are not deploying as much water as you would expect, chances are, you might have sprinkler heads that are in need of repair. Sometimes, when they start spraying off target, you'll find that this is due to a problem that is associated with a control valve. However, there are also numerous times when these sprinkler heads develop cracks on their own and therefore need to be replaced. It might also be the case, much like with the control valves, that debris and clutter can find their way into a sprinkler head and the problem can be solved by a thorough cleaning and drying.

Exorbitant Water Costs

Have you found that your water bill skyrocketed from one month to another? This might be due to a problem that is present in your irrigation system. At the first sign of your water bill significantly rising from one month to the next, it might pay to bring in a home irrigation system professional to investigate the issue. Chances are, it is a bad regulator, as regulators aren't designed to last forever, which means that you will be using far too much water to water the amount of land that you want to be irrigated. Another sign of a bad regulator is noticing that your lawn is quite soggy or even flooded. The problem with rising water costs from month to month might also be an issue with the control valve, again.

When it comes to your home irrigation system, there are a number of problems that are associated with it. Hopefully, this brief article has given you some idea of what to do if you find that your irrigation system is on the fritz.

For more information and help with your system, talk with a local drip irrigation service or landscaping company.