Porches have a special place in people's hearts because of the sense of community they represent. Did you ever wonder what makes for a great porch design, though? Enclosed or indoor porches are spaces that you can enjoy year-round. Design an enclosed porch that meshes indoor amenities with the beauty of the outdoors.

Keep Your Home's Character

As Home and Garden TV points out, one of the secrets to a stunning porch is adding details that fit your house. If the porch is an addition to your home, make sure you stay within the architectural style. For instance, Tudor style houses are characterized by steeply pitched roofs and tall windows. If adding a porch to a Tudor house, such elements need to be part of the design to avoid clashing with the home's façade. Conversely, a ranch-style house looks good with a long, low porch.

Select the Right Windows

An enclosed porch is all about the windows. The goal is to promote the feeling of being outdoors while still enjoying the creature comforts of shelter. As such, windows should provide as much access to the outside as possible.

One option is to eschew windows altogether and have glass doors installed. Whether sliding glass or accordion in style, glass doors open up fully to expose your porch to the outside world.

If you want a bit more shelter from the elements, consider casement or tilt-in windows. Casement windows have a crank that opens the window up like a door, giving you open space and a lot of access to the exterior. Tint-in windows are hinged at the bottom and open at the top. This affords your porch air while keeping the elements out.

Choose Proper Materials

Porches are open to the elements. As such, the materials you choose both for construction and décor have to be outdoor appropriate.

When having the structure built, talk to your contractors about materials that resist your area's problems. For instance, pressure-treated pine resists insects and decay, making it an effective material for more rustic homes.

Furnishings should be weather-proof. For example, lay down an outdoor rug made of water-proof material, and top it with attractive outdoor furniture. The goal is to channel the outdoors, not just have another interior room.

Light the Area Up

When it comes to lighting a porch, think about your task areas. When you're enjoying your porch in the evening, it's unlikely you want a floodlight illuminating the area. Instead, consider your porch activities, such as reading or dining, and select lighting that highlights those areas. If your porch is part of your entrance, also include lighting that leads to your front door.

The secrets to a stunning porch include matching your home's style, choosing appropriate materials, and adding great windows and lighting. 

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