Elevators have made life easy. Buildings that are three stories tall or more or have a surface area exceeding 3,000 square feet must install elevators that conform to the guidelines established by the American with Disabilities Act. Each state has outlined specific rules and regulations regarding elevator inspection from state inspection auditors. Proper elevator maintenance servicing can prevent violation tickets. Here's 3 ways to keep violation tickets at bay.

Install A Maintenance Management System

With advancements in technology nowadays, there is no longer a need for a maintenance technician to inspect the elevators on a daily or regular basis. Instead, install a maintenance management system, and it will collect a wealth of data needed for elevator maintenance servicing teams to establish its level of usage, the age and performance of various parts, as well as notices and alerts when a problem appears.

Most elevator maintenance servicing companies offer unique maintenance management systems that are tailored to the services that you need. With a maintenance management system, downtime can be greatly reduced, as maintenance servicing teams are alerted immediately when the elevator malfunctions. Non-productive servicing time is also minimized since the maintenance management system will provide details regarding the type of repairs that are needed, so that the mechanics come prepared with all of the right tools and equipment. There is no need for second-guessing. Maintenance management systems are also able to prioritize tasks, so that the maintenance servicing team knows which problems need to be addressed immediately.

Regularly Monitor Operation Of Elevators

While the maintenance management systems are able to collect a wealth of data pertaining to the elevator's operation, minimize the need for maintenance by monitoring the elevator's operation on a regular basis, so that mechanics can be notified immediately if there are any concerns. Although the maintenance management system may not consider it as an issue, it is important to determine the wait times involved after pressing the button for the elevator. User satisfaction is quite an important factor with the annual inspections, and you want to ensure that the inspectors are happy with the service that they are getting.

The elevators should arrive at the floor within 20 seconds. After that, users become agitated and impatient about the wait. The wait time of the elevators can be altered and customized with the elevator's overall speed. Naturally, elevators that service more floors will need to operate a bit faster. Optimal speed is generally up to your discretion. You don't want the elevators to operate as quickly as a rocket, as this will only increase the risk of accidents, but you also want to make sure that the cars are not moving at a snail's pace either. Additionally, make sure that the stopping procedures are ideal and that the elevator does not come to an abrupt stop. These factors influence the traffic flow into and out of the building.

Focus On Preventive—Rather Than Call-Back—Maintenance

Last but not least, catch issues that may become a problem before they have the chance of worsening. Make sure that the elevator maintenance servicing team focuses more of their energy on preventive maintenance rather than call-back maintenance. Preventive maintenance is generally more time-efficient and also cheaper. In comparison, call-back maintenance means that there is already a problem existing. In these situations, the maintenance and repair costs can easily skyrocket. Elevators that are down due to servicing will also influence the traffic flow and accessibility of the building.

For example, consider tripping the circuitry to see whether the safety mechanisms of the elevators are still operational and in good condition. You would much rather find out that there is an issue when nobody is on-board the elevator than when the elevator is full and running.


It is easy to fall behind on elevator maintenance servicing, which is why it is important to hire an experienced and professional elevator maintenance servicing team with a main focus of keeping your elevators operational, efficient and safe throughout the entire year. Good elevator maintenance will keep the state inspection auditors away and the violation tickets at bay. For more information, contact a specialist such as http://www.capitalelevatorservice.com.