After a great holiday season filled with family dinners and baking cookies and pies for your friends and family, the last thing you want to deal with is a clogged kitchen drain. Unfortunately, clogged drains are common after the holiday season ends. Many people get swept away in the fun of the season and neglect their pipes unintentionally during this busy, exciting time of year. If you are experiencing a post-holiday clogged kitchen sink, then figure out what caused it, so you can avoid making the same mistakes next year. 

Holiday Baking Can Lead to Kitchen Sink Clogs

Sure, you know better than to pour that bacon grease down the kitchen drain (you do, right?), but there are other baking ingredients that you may not realize can also lead to a clogged kitchen sink. Many don't cause immediate clogs, so you don't even realize they are sabotaging your sink until the season ends and you have baked your last batch of snickerdoodles. 

Baking ingredients that can clog the kitchen sink include:

Flour:  While wiping flour off the counters with a dish cloth, and then rinsing the cloth off in the sink may be a common habit, it can lead to a clogged sink. Flour becomes very sticky when wet (imagine a ball of sticky cookie dough), and sticky goo in your pipes cannot only clog it alone, but other small debris that would normally flow down your pipes will then become stuck to it. Even worse, many cooks literally brush large amounts of flour into the sink from around the sink area, and this can lead to immediate plumbing problems.

Coconut Oil: No oil should be poured down the sink drain, but oils that solidify at room temperature are the worst sink-cloggers. This includes coconut oil that is only liquid when it is about 76-degrees Fahrenheit. It may appear liquid in your hot kitchen, but when you pour it down the drain, then run cold water, it can turn solid quickly and cause immediate clogs. 

Eggs: Eggs are used in many holiday recipes, and it is not just the shells that can cause plumbing problems. If you accidentally crack one egg too many for a batch of pie dough you are making, then don't pour the extra egg down the kitchen sink. Not only can it add to a sticky mess that flour in the drain may have already created, but some proteins in eggs begin to solidify at 140-degrees Fahrenheit. This means that if you run hot water down your drain after pouring extra egg down it, then you can essentially end up with scrambled eggs in your pipes!

The solution? Brush flour from your counters right into the trash can, pour oil into a container before disposing of it, and throw that extra egg into the trash, as well. If you don't, you will just have clogged pipes again next January. 

Other Holiday Kitchen Habits That Clog Drains

If you didn't bake up a storm this holiday season, then you may still wonder what clogged your pipes. There are other holiday habits that can cause clogged sinks, as well. 

Rinsing coffee grounds down the kitchen drain is always a big "don't", but when making coffee for just yourself, you may never had rinsed enough down to have an immediate impact on your plumbing. If you carried on with this bad habit when serving larger batches of coffee to a home full of guests, then you may finally be seeing the error of your ways in the form of a clogged kitchen sink. 

If you hosted a holiday dinner and let your guests put their own plates in the sink when they offered to help clean up, then they may have rinsed their plates in the sink. They could have rinsed anything from mashed potatoes to gravy to entire bits of vegetables and meat without realizing it would cause you problems later. 

Don't swear off baking and hosting family next holiday season due to your post-holiday clogged pipes. Call a plumber to unclog your pipes now, and just be sure to dispose of all cooking ingredients properly next year. Also, let your guests leave their plates at the table after hosting dinner, so you can clear them properly. 

And if you can't work out a way to clear that clog yourself, don't hesitate to contact a company that offers plumbing services