A pool party is fun in itself, but there are accessories and supplies that can enhance the event even more. When shopping for swimming pool supplies you use regularly, why not consider some party items to use in the swimming pool and poolside? Here are five accessories to ensure your next pool party goes swimmingly:

1. A Floating Swimming Pool Fountain

Whether you own an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, a water fountain can enhance your pleasure. You don't need to install an elaborate and costly swimming pool fountain to enthrall your pool party guests. The floating swimming pool fountains come equipped with an anchor and hose, is typically constructed of plastic and will spray water up to several feet high. 

A floating pool fountain can be more than aesthetically appealing to your pool party guests. The fountain may also help to cool the water temperature. If your swimming pool tends to "heat up" under the mid-day sun, this can be an ideal solution. Look for a double or three-tier design.

The big draw for many pool owners are the visual effects a floating pool fountain offers. You can position the fountain exactly where you prefer. The spray creates unique patterns and offers a "party ambiance" for your pool.

A lighted pool fountain is ideal for nighttime pool parties. The spouts may consist of various colors, creating an illusion of multi-colored water from the spray. The spout heads produce a colored illumination on the pool floor as well.

2. Swimming Pool Color Dye

Next time you're shopping for swimming pool supplies, look for this concentrated fun in a bottle. This product is typically smaller than a standard bottle of shampoo, so you might want to stock up and have a few on hand for your next pool bash. It's a fun idea for adults and kids alike.

Basically, this product "dyes" the pool water. The liquid is made to be non-toxic and it won't stain the skin or clothing. It's odor-free as well. You should note that the coloring may last a few days before fading out.

These pool dyes are typically available in various colors. If you're holding a Saint Patrick's Day party, choose the green pool dye. Red or green dye is a good choice for Christmas pool parties (assuming your climate is warm year-round). Why not get creative and mix two dyes to produce a different color?

3. A Floating Mini-Golf Game

Perhaps you've seen these fun mini-golf layouts for the swimming pool. Your party guests don't have to be avid golfers get into the swing of things. Look for an aqua game that comes with the floating golf green, balls and rubber trees. Some also include a plastic set of "golf clubs," or you can use any set of standard clubs.

4. Inflatable Pool Slide

These are ideal for a child's pool party. It offers the fun of a water park in your own backyard. The advantage to this accessory is that it is totally portable and may store away by deflating it when not in use. Be sure you pick up an air pump to inflate the slide.

5. Inflatable Floating Swimming Pool Drink Caddy

Your thirsty pool party guests swill appreciate this accessory. Look for one that has can hold a supply of ice to chill your beverages. The floating caddy should have cup holders for at least four beverages. To dry the caddy after use, you simply unplug the drain.

There are lots of ways to complement your pool party, but the above mentioned enhancements don't require extensive installations or fancy wiring. Have fun, and remember that safety comes first. Click for more info.